Da Bounce Basketball Tournament
Bringing The Streets to the Game

Demo-dunkteams, Slams, Cheerleaders, Music Performances, DJ''s, Streetball-teams, Foodcourt, Workshops, Entertainment and a lot more...


This is what you can expect at Da Bounce Basketball Jam. Everybody can sign in a team, so you don''t have to fly like ''nr.23'' or slam like the ''Shaq'' and your name doesn''t even have to start with LeBron! This event is for everyone who enjoys the game. Did we mention the entertainment for the non-players?! How about... bouncing jams from the DJ''s, join a workshop or just chill, have a snack and enjoy the performances on the entertainment stage.
For more information regarding the rules, which city, venue and other need to knows about this Sensational Basketball Event... keep checkin'' this website!